New puppy contract

Wood Haven Farm of South Carolina 

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Congratulations on your new family member!   A new puppy brings lots of giggles and wiggles, as well as, responsibility. This document explains our (WHF's) responsibility to you and your (buyer's) responsibility to the puppy and WHF.

Full payment is due at the time of pick up.  Payment may be made through Good dog, Other forms of payment accepted are venmo, zelle, or cash.  No checks are accepted. 

We ask the buyer to register the puppy with AKC or have us to do it for you for a  fee of $40. The name should begin with Wood Haven Farm's.

The buyer is required to have the puppy spayed or neutered in a timely manner if limited registration is purchased.  Limited registered dogs are not to be bred.  If full registration has been purchased you are required to have the dogs fully tested prior to breeding and to wait until the age recommended by the AKC to breed.

The buyer, by signing this document, agrees to provide the puppy with a suitable home which includes shelter, quaility nutrition, clean water, affection, adequate play or work time, and adequate training for safety purposes. Providing a suitable home also includes receiving appropriate health care from a professional veterinarian.  The buyer is expected to maintain vaccinations and deworming according to their veterinarian's advice.  Heartworm prevention should be started by month 6.

We, at Wood Haven Farm, love our dogs!  We will provide you with proof, upon request, of  genetic testing, hip and elbow testing, and vet services rendered of the parent dogs. We are available to answer questions or give tips. Texting is best to get a speedy response.  We offer a lifetime of support for you and your new best friend. Please update us on progress and send us pictures!

                               Thanks!!  Tim and Donna